Our Restaurant

Ghana Cafe has relocated. We are no longer in Adams Morgan. The new location is in Logan Circle, downtown Washington, DC, about six blocks from The White House. The clientele is of mixed nationality.¬†¬†They come from all corners of the world —Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Asia & North & South America. This is an international scene that will thrill you.

The high ceilings and uncluttered furnishing of the first-floor restaurant area allows for an open, relaxed atmosphere in the refreshingly well-lit space. There is a bar off to the side, where you can sit down and drink a beer, whether one of Ghana Cafe’s more exotic brands, such as Club Beer, Star Beer and Gulder Beer, or other African Beer Tusker (from Kenya), or the now-discontinued Zambezi (from Zimbabwe) or a more commonplace brands. For the people who don’t care for beer, there is the house punch, which mixes the flavors of pink lemonade and cranberry juice with light liquors. The service is swift and courteous, with the proprietor himself running out to fetch ingredients to make the house punch when it is requested.

But there is no reason to crowd around the bar when the new location has a lot of table space. Relax, drink lager and watch the happenings on 18th street through Ghana Cafe’s glass-windowed front, or sit further back in the restaurant and talk with friends. While there, you can sample East African cuisine at fairly reasonable prices. The portions are generous, the food is spicy and there is almost a one-to-one ratio of carnivore to vegetarian dishes. If you come in a group you get a buffet! Wonderful!

Many of Ghana Cafe’s finer qualities come from the small crowd. There are many new people to meet, and people seep into the background to just people-watch the activities inside the bar. If you are out with a group of people and would like to shanghai an establishment, this is one of better places to do it.

A Ghanaian couple runs the establishment..

Anthony Opare

Tony Opare serving a glass of Champagne.

Abigail Opare

Abigail Opare writing down an order from a patron.